The Annual
Sunday 3 December 1500hrs

 Glebe Music Festival

In conjunction with The Glebe Society Inc

Concert 8:
Sunday 3rd December at 3-00pm

at St Scholastica's, 2 Avenue Road, Glebe:

Coro Innominata. Two of the renowned Chandos Anthems, The Lord is my Light and Let God Arise, make up our final concert for this year. Between 1717 and 1718 George Frideric Handel was in the patronage of the Duke of Chandos. The Duke had created almost a mini principality at "Cannons" just north of London and Handel was the court composer in residence.

During this period Handel composed the splendid 11 Chandos Anthems. These festive works with their dramatic choruses and lilting arias contain some of Handel's finest music from his first decade in England and typify the flamboyance of the Baroque era. We will be accompanied by Concertato to end our year in grand style.




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