The Annual

 Glebe Music Festival

In conjunction with The Glebe Society Inc

14th Glebe Music Festival
8 to 23 November 2003

Saturday 14 November 2003 at 1930hrs

Gleebooks, 49 Glebe Point Road, Glebe

Andean Dreams

  • Vientos del Sur/Virgenes del Sol - Medley of 2 traditional Bolivian songs, displaying the virtuosity of the Quena and Zampoña, infused with the modern drums and electric Bass.
  • Moliendo Café - Quite a famous melody composed by Hugo Blanco, and reworked in many different styles over the years. The Quena and Tiple take centre stage in this song.
  • Alturas - A traditional song composed by Chile's Inti Illimani, highlighting the Charango, rearranged in a Bossanova style by Andean Dreams.
  • - Romantic slow groove Salsa originally by Los Askis from Mexico.
  • Bailando en Isluga - Traditional rhythm from Chilean group Illapu. Sees the introduction of the Toyos, the largest of the panpipes.
  • Cancion con Todos - An anthem for Latin America, written by Argentinians Armando Tejada Gómez and Cesar Isella. A feature is the vocal arrangement by Andean Dreams.


  • Charagua - A beautiful melody, played with Quenas in harmony, composed by Inti Illimani. Also featuring the Tiple.
  • Amor Eterno - An original composition from Marcelo Barrales of Andean Dreams. A ballad with a contemporary feel, fusing traditional and modern elements.
  • Calor - Also an original composition, this time from Sebastian Fierro. Combines the traditional instruments with Reggae.
  • Boquita de Fuego - Uruguay is the nation that gives us the Candombe, bringing together a wide range of percussion to create an infectious and distinctly Latin rhythm. Markamaru originally recorded this song.
  • Chan Chan - Penned by Compay Segundo, and featuring in the film "Buena Vista Social Club", this Cuban Salsa shakes and grooves with the Andean Dreams treatment.
  • Condor Pasa - When Peruvian Daniel Alomia Robles composed this tune almost 100 years ago, he had no idea it would become arguably the most famous of all songs from the "Altiplano". Haunting Quena and Zampoña melodies epitomise the music of the Andes.

Music from the Andes and Latin America

Andean Dreams' (Sueños Andinos), an ensemble of seven musicians performing a fusion of Andean and popular Latin music, have for the past four-years been captivating the Australian audiences. With their youthful energy and melodious rhythms, have introduced a new unique and original style.

They retain the traditional instruments of the Andean region in Latin America like Zampoñas (Panpipes), Quenas (Panflutes), Charango (10 stringed instrument) and classical Guitar, while incorporating modern instruments of today's Latin music such as the Congas, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, tiple, Keyboard and Drums.

With this they explore popular Latin American styles and rhythms such as Andean music itself, Cumbia (originally from Colombia), Candombe (from Uruguay), Saya (Bolivian), Takirari (Bolivian/Chilean), Guaguanco (Cuban rhythm), Son (Salsa), Latin Reggae, Ballads, Bossa Nova, and contemporary Latin Jazz. We have repertoire to fit any occasion or atmosphere.

The Evolution of the band came a respected reputation within the Latin & the Australian community, with it came playing supporting act for Alberto Plaza (famous Chilean singer/composer) and Mental as Anything (Australian Rock band). Also in big budget events like the Sydney 2000 Para-Olympic games, Darling Harbour's Aurora, Fiesta 2000, 2001 & 2002, Expo 2000, Fairfield Showground, Cronulla Jazz Festival, Manly Food & Wine Festival as well as many functions outside Sydney. The band also recently was featured with in a short film called Sentencia Silenciosa.

Tonight we have selected our intimate repertoire. Hope that you will enjoy the night as much as we will. So lay back, relax and let the magic of the instruments thrift you away.

Members of Andean Dreams are

Marcelo Barrales, Sevastian Fierro, Lilian Guerrero, Claudio Hevia, John Infante, Gustavo Marin, Enrique Perez. infoline: 0410 633 306

Refreshments by Mersin

©Andean Dreams 2002

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