The Annual
10 - 17 November 2001

 Glebe Music Festival

In conjunction with The Glebe Society Inc


The 12th Annual Glebe Music Festival
in Conjunction with the Glebe Society Inc
and the Sydney Conservatory of Music


Sunday November 11 2.30 PM 2001
The Great Hall
University of Sydney


RAWSON:  Federation Toccata  Graeme Rawson organ

LEMMONE:   Fantasy (Impromptu)
BISHOP:  Lo! Here the Gentle Lark
        Phoenicia Johnson soprano
        Jayden Brand flute
        Maria Okunev piano
        David Miller piano

IRELAND:  Sea Fever
GRAINGER:  Willow, Willow
BRIDGE:  Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind
Troy Anthony baritone
David Miller piano

"Chamber Music in the Federation Era"
Dr Kathleen Nelson
(Musicology Unit Sydney Conservatorium of Music)

ALFRED HILL:  String Quartet No. 1 in B-Flat Major
Finale: Allegro moderato
Marshall Kim violin
Emily Long violin
Lauren Brigden viola
Kirsty Vickers  cello

SQUIRE:   Prière
Claire Gill cello
David Miller piano

SULLIVAN: Overture to "HMS Pinafore"
ELGAR: "Nimrod" (Enigma Variations)
PARRY: Jerusalem
Peter Gott trumpet
Jonathon Normand trumpet
Kate Alekna horn
Stephen Smith trombone
Georgina Martin tuba

From the Sydney Morning Herald of I January 1901 , page 11:

Quartet societies have never maintained any lengthy permanence in Sydney. The Zerbini string quartet (headed by the famous viola player of that name) became an established institution; the Mendelssohn Quintet Club lasted for some time. Mr Rivers Allpress and Miss Lottie Hyam sustained the appreciation of this form of composition, and M.F. Aengenheyster conducted the Pleyel classical concerts (leader M. Henri Staell) for several years. The Orpheus Club for a number of years included quartets and quintets in its miscellaneous programmes. In Melbourne Mr. Max Klein for a long period conducted a string quartet, with which at one time Zerbini was associated, and chamber music has been regularly cultivated in Adelaide.

Government House Concert, 25 June 1900. Programme for the first part of the evening:

To Celebrate Her Majesty's Birthday. (Quartet members: Henri Staell, F. Carter, M. Bryant, Gerard Vollmar) (titles and names of pieces given below much as in original)

1. Quartett   3 movements       Haydn
2. Songs   Sombre Woods      Lully
  Skye Boat Son (Old Scotch)
3. Cello Solo  Air Bach
  Musette Leclair
4. Songs   Should he upbraid Sir H.R. Bishop
  Love was once a little boy [anon.]
5. Violin Solo  Introduzione e Rondeau Capriccioso Saint Saëns
6. Songs Had a Horse arr. by F. Korbay
  Shepherd See thy Horses Foaming Mane  
7. Songs   I attempt from loves sickness to fly  Purcell
  Cherry Ripe       C. E. Horn
8. Quartett   Andante con moto from D minor quartet  Schubert

Austral String Quartet, II July 1912. Programme:

(Quartet members: Cyril Monk, Alfred Hill, S. Vost Janssen, Carl Gotsch)
(titles and names of pieces given below much as in original)

1. Quartet   The Seasons Quartet (two movement excerpt) Ernest Truman
2. Song   A Castilian Lament Del Riego
3. Cello   Prière Squire
  Scherzo Van Goens
4. Aria  Vision Fugitive      Massenet
5. Violin   Aria for G string      Bach
6. Songs   I'm a Rover       Nelson Illingworth
  Once Bit, Twice Shy  
7. Piano Scherzo Pembaur
  Caprice Mignonne      Knocke
  Ballad, G minor      Chopin
8. Songs   A Longing       Wilfrid Sanderson
  Good night        Rubinstein
9. Quartet   Simplicity       Alfred Hill
  Serenade  Haydn
10. Songs   Home, Little Maori, Home    Alfred Hill
  Waiata Maori  
11. Quintet in E flat for piano and strings    Schumann

Some references:

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This is the second concert in the 12th Glebe Music Festival 2001

Thanks are due to Mr David Miller Chair of the Ensemble Studies Unit Sydney Conservatorium of Music for preparing today's program, to the students of
Sydney Conservatorium of Music who are providing the music and to Dr Kathleen Nelson MMus PhD (Adel), Musicology Unit Sydney Conservatorium of Music, for researching and presenting the colloquium lecture.

Sydney Conservatorium of Music welcomes a continuing association with the Glebe Music Festival and looks forward to future collaborations




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