The Annual
From 15 - 16 June 1991

 Glebe Music Festival

In conjunction with The Glebe Society Inc

Programme June 15,1991  4.30PM
Glebe Society Birthday Party
Music from:
Gigout, Louis Vierne, Gordon Young, Josť Lidon
St. Scholastica's Chapel,
Convent of the Good Samaritan
2 Avenue  Road, Glebe Point

1. Scherzo
from Dix PiŤces per Orgue ou Piano-Pedalier

Eugene Gigout 1844-1925


David Mcintosh - organ

2. (a) Gospel Man
(b) Catch the Spirit



Choir of St Scholastica's
Director- Emily Furey
Accompanist - Kate Segerstrom


3. (a) Berceuse

Louis Vieme (1870-1937)

(b) Toccata
folk Tune

Gordon Young 1919-

(c) Sonata for Trompetta real

Josť Lidon (1752-1825)

(d) Baroque Suite
- Plein Jeu
- Marche Petite
- Aria
- Toccata

Gordon Young


Graeme Rawson - organ

4. (a) (1) Salve Regina Gregorian Chant

(il) Ave Maria

Parsons 16th Century

(b) (1) Salvator Mundi

Thomas Tallis ?1505 -1585

(il) Haec Dies

William Byrd ?1545-1623

(c) (i) Tota Pulchra Es

Anton Bruckner 1824-1896

(ii) O Quam Gloriosum

Tomas Luis de Victoria 1 1548-1611


Choir of Christ Church St. Laurence, Sydney
Director - Neil McEwan
Organist - David Drury

The Composers:

Gigout studied with Saint-SaŽns at the Neidermeyer School in Paris where he became professor, later becoming professor of organ at the Conservatoire. He was organist at Saint-Augustin, traveled and performed extensively, and composed prolifically. very much in a scholarly and austere style.

Appointed organist of Notre Dame Cathedral in 1900, Vierne died at its console during his 1,750th recital. His music is melodically imaginative, elegant, full of harmonic detail and reflects a profound musician. He was archpriest of the French romantic symponic school. This gentle piece is dedicated to his daughter Collette.
Young was born in Kansas and studied with Joseph Bonnet, the organist of St Eustache in Paris. A prolific organ and choral composer, his music is essentially 'popular' drawing on tunes 'in the air' for thematic material.

Lidon was organist of the Chapel Royal in Madrid and the piece Is written for the most powerful horizontal stop on the Spanish organ.The Baroque suite was written for the American virtuoso organist Virgil Fox.

The Baroque suite was written for the American virtuoso organist Virgil Fox. It is arguably Young's best work and is useful in demonstrating the full range of the effects of the organ. Often recorded, a fascinating version is available on the 1857 instrument in the Oude Kerk in Delft played by Feike Asma.

The Organ

The organ in the chapel of the Convent of the Good Samaritan, St. Scholastica's, Glebe, was designed by Revd. Fr. Stephen Moreno. O.S.B., new Norcia, W.A. who ordered the pipes, stops etc. and came personally to see it. Hill. llorman and Beard were the builders. Dom Moreno had completed his musical studies in Germany under Walter Braunfels, a former student of Brahms and Bruckner, The Glebe Society is Indebted to the Sisters of the Convent who have graciously allowed the use of the Chapel for the concert.

The organ specifications:-

Swell Great Pedal

Violin diapason 8

Open 1 8

Bourdon 16

Leiblich gedackt 8

Open II 8

Dulciana 16

Echo gamba 8

Clarabel flute 8

Bass flute 8

Voix celeste 8

Dulciana 8

Gt to pedal

Principal 4

Principal 4

Sw to pedal

Oboe 8

Wald flute 4


Mixture II


Sw to gt


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