The Annual
From 15 - 16 June 1991

 Glebe Music Festival

In conjunction with The Glebe Society Inc

The Calendar of Events of the
Glebe Winter Music Festival:

Saturday June 15, 1991 3.00PM
Music from:
Maccabaeus, Mahler, Bartok, de Santo Elias, Nin
Margaretta Cottage

1. (a) 'So Shall the Lute and Harp Awake '
from Judas Naccabaeus

G. F. Händel

5 Songs from Des Knaben Wunderhom
(i) Wer hat dies Liedlein erdacht
(Who thought up this little song)
(ii) Rheinlegendehen (Rhinelegend)
(iii) Lob des hohen Verstands (Praise of Lofty Intellect)

Gustav Mahler
( 1860-1911)

Toni Powell - soprano
David Parker - piano

2. Rhapsody no. I Adagio Presto Bela Bartok (1881 -1945)

Annette Christensen - violin
David Parker - piano

3. Sonata

Fr. Manuel de Santo Ellas
18th Century

David Mcintosh - harpsichord

4.4 Spanish Songs

Joaquin Nin (1879-1949)

Annette Christensen - violin
David Parker - piano

Nin was a Cuban pianist, musicologist and composer. He was taken to Spain as a child and learnt the piano at Barcelona until he was Fifteen. He settled In Paris then Berlin, returning to Havana to found a conservatorium and concert society. He appeared as a concert pianist in many Eurpoean and South American countries, cultivating especially old keyboard music and the modern Spanish school.

5, Selection from The King and I
West Side Story
The sound of Music


Toni Powell - soprano
David Parker - piano

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