The 33rd Annual
Friday 4th to Sunday 27th November 2022

 Glebe Music Festival

In conjunction with The Glebe Society Inc

Artistic Director: Dr E. David G. McIntosh AM AMusA

The Glebe Music Festival in Sydney, Australia, grew out of the many informal musical soirées held at the early 19th century Glebe villa Margaretta Cottage from the late 1960s. The late Dr Vincent Sheppard built up a unique collection of keyboard instruments including an 18th century Dutch chamber organ, a 19th century Kapps grand piano, a Sperrhake harpsichord, a pedal piano and a clavichord. A copy of a Rucker's Flemmish double harpsichord, an original Clementi fortepiano dating from 1809, an Erard Bi-Cord grand piano dating from 1859 and a second Dutch pipe organ have been added to the collection.

On 13th June 2011 David McIntosh was recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours List with the award of Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia. The citation reads: "For service to medicine, particularly in the areas of vaccines and infectious diseases, as an academic, and to the community through the Glebe Music Festival".

The underlying philosophy of the annual Glebe Music Festival is to bring together local and international musicians at different stages of their careers. Venues for concerts include the refurbished Glebe Town Hall, St Scholastica's Chapel, Gleebooks, the Record Reign Hall at St John's Bishopthorpe, Margaretta Cottage, and the Great Hall at the University of Sydney.

The Glebe Music Festival has hosted concerts in various categories.

World Music:
Balinese gamelan; Andean groups (Cantolibre and Andean Dreams ); an African township jive band (Jive Kayana); a Nepalese rock concert (Sangeet 18th November 2007),Urban Excentrics, George Arnare a pop concert, Accordions Alfresco ( 13th November 2011 and 17th November 2012), and Hyoungsik Shin playing Janggu Concert Tangos (Oliver Fartach-Naini, Peter Handsworth, Amelia Granturco), Plektra Mandolin Ensemble.

The Katona Duo (12th November 2004 and 13th November 2004), Duo Agostino (17th November 2006 and 9th November 2012) and the Conservatorium Guitar Ensemble, Murilo Tanouye (guitar), Simon Powis (28th October2010, 28th November 2008, 20th November 2005, 12th20th November 2004), Dan McKay (guitar) and Guivio Duo, Sam Sheumack (Acoustic Guitar 2012), Guitar Trek (2014), Gian Marco Ciampa (2016), Anna Salleh and Guy Strazz (A Taste of Brasil 2018), Ariel Nurhadi and Andrew Blanch (2018)

Opera Project Opera Under the Stars and Stars of Opera Australia;

Coro Innominata (2nd December 2012, 28th November 2010, 6th December 2009, 30th November 2008, 2nd December 2007, 3rd December 2006, 4th December 2005, 14th November 2004, 17th November 2002, 11th November 2001, 11th November 2000, 13th December 1998, 16th November 1997, 16th November 1996, 18th November 1995, 17th November 1994, 14th November 1993, 5th December 1993, 10th October 1992),27th November 2011

Bel a Cappella (11th November 2012, 12th November 2011, 14th November 2010, 22nd November 2009, 26th November 2006, 27th November 2005, 28th November 2004, 16th November 2003),

The Choir of Christchurch St Lawrence ( 10th November 2001, 19th November 2000, 17th November 1996, 19th November 1995, 27th November 1994, 1st May 1993, 16th October 1993, 26th September 1992, 15th June 1991)

Sway, the Tall Poppeas , Another Roadside Attraction, the Royal School of Church Music, the University of Sydney Motet Choir, the Heavenly Light Quartet, the Café of the Gate of Salvation ( 12th November 1995 and 6th November 1994), Figaros, the Minisingers ( 20th November 1991) and the Choir of St Andrew’s College;

Instrumental soloists:
Mark Davies
, Hartmut Lindeman (viola), Jane Bolinowsky, Marshall McGuire, Nick Byrne, Philip Green, Tess Remy-Schumacher (cello), Trish O'Brien (cello), Chris Pidcock (cello), Rita Woolhouse (cello), Joseph Eisinger (cello), Jason Xanthoudakis (saxophone), Ros Dunlop (clarinet), Erin Helyard (harpsichord), Douglas Hollick (harpsichord 15th November 2003 and 31st August 1992), Diana Feldon and Monika Kornel (double harpsichord), Annette Christensen violin( 22nd November 1991, 15th June 1991), Natasha Rumiz (violin 3rd November 1992, and 14th November 1992, 23rd November 1991, 17th November 1990), Ronald Woodcock (violin), Stan Kornel, violin( 23rd November 2008, 10th November 2001), Sophie Serafino, violin Victoria Jacono-Gilmovich (violin), ; Stephanie Giesajtis (piano 15th November 1997 and 16th November 1996) and Marco Rapetti, David Miller (piano), Ambre Hammond (piano) Evgeny Genchev (piano), Alexey Yemtsov (piano); Sam Lucas (cello);

Piano duo:
Robert Weatherburn and Wojciech Wisniewsk, Robert Weatherburn and Walter Shovk;

Vocal soloists:
Clifford Grant, Matthew Stephens, Karana Nepe, Kirsti Whitlocke (13th November 1993, 14th November 1992, 23rd November 1991), Toni Powell ( 23rd November 1991, 15th June 1991, 17th November 1990),Donna Cain (15th November 2012, 13th November 2010, 18 November 2005) and Nicole Smeulders Morgan Pearse, Amy Corkery, Wendy Dixon, Shu-Cheen Yu, and Josie Ryan, Deborah Humble (2016), Claire Munting (2017), Judith Rough (2018)

Quantum Theory

Rex Melville and David McIntosh (6th November 2015 with Holly Conner percussion), (10th November 2007, 8th November 2003, 9th November 2002)

RAPT and burlesque performer Ben Palumbo

Chamber music:
Lyon String Trio, the Michelangeli Ensemble, and the Albion Quartet, piano trio, the woodwind groups Swirl, and the Sydney Wind Collecitve a saxophone quartet, Doulce Memoire, the Goodchild Ensemble (17th November 1991, 15th June 1991), Stringendo and the Reluctant Consort, Trois The Emeralds Violas da Gamba (18th November 2012 and 26th November 2011), Amable Trio (2013), Deborah de Graaff (2018)

(9th November 2003 and 23rd November 2003, 10th November 2002, 15th November 1996, 19th November 1995) Of particular note was the visit by the US Marine Forces Pacific Band in 2005.

6th November 2011, 9th November 2008, 9th November 2003, 10th November 2002, 11th November 2001, 17th November 1996, 12th November 1995, 6th November 1994, 6th and 13th November 1993, 3rd November 1992, 19th November 1991, 15th June 1991 and 16th June 1991, 18th November 1990.

Josie and the Emeralds: yearly appearances including newly commissioned music by Brooke Green

"Historical" concerts, recreations of concerts from the past or a focus on a particular historical aspect of music:

David receives the Order of Australia from the Governor General Quentin Bryce in Canberra 5th October 2011David receives the Order of Australia from the Governor General Quentin Bryce in Canberra 5th October 2011
David receives the Order of Australia from the Governor General Quentin Bryce in Canberra 5th October 2011

Short History of the Glebe Music Festival

For further information please contact:
Mr EK McIntosh,

3/8 Russell Avenue,
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